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female viagra

Ben Stiller appeared on “The Tonight Show” Monday night and aired a rejected commercial for female Viagra, which he joked didn’t make it into the expensive ads aired during Sunday’s big game.

“They just bumped it. They didn’t show it at the last minute,” the actor explained.

Thankfully, host Jimmy Fallon was able to get his hands on the unpaired promo.


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Yanet Garcia

This weather forecast is always hot. A jaw-dropping Mexican meteorologist is becoming an Internet star after making the weather “must watch television” for many viewers.

Yanet Garcia reveals more than just the temperatures as she delivers the news in an assortment of short skin tight dresses. She also posts her forecasts on the Televisa Monterrey newscasts on her very own Yanet Garcia YouTube page.

Her good looks and figure-hugging dresses, always teemed with a pair of killer heels, are a hit with viewers.

Before she appears on Mexico’s Televisa Monterrey she often tweets a picture of her outfit to her 43,000 followers.



Yanet Garcia



Yanet Garcia

Check out Yanet Garcia Instagram account 

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Linsdey Pelas

The sun is sizzling, which means barbecue season is fast approaching… And these three insanely hot women have already hosted the sexiest grilling of the year!

If boobilicous blonde Linsdey Pelas, seductive brunette Charm Killings and curvy cutie Tamra D were glazing up our drumsticks and flipping our burgers, we’d be in some kind of summer-themed, steaming-hot utopia!



Linsdey Pelas

As Lindsey cracks open Buds, Charm licks rib sauce of her boobs and Tamra dishes up a serving of BBQ all men and women would envy, we can’t help but wonder if there’s another food + girls scenario we’d rather see conjured up?

We’re grateful these stunners jumped on the flaming grill and went cavemen on their meat in messy fashion! Follow the stunning models on Instagram here: @lindseypelas, @charmkillings and @tamra__d

Linsdey Pelas

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is back once again for his 5th annual YouTube challenge where he asks parents film themselves while telling their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy. Kimmel chose a few of the best and worst reactions and aired them on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The results of his 2015 YouTube challenge are mixed with kids going berserk, being very forgiving, and just flat-out giving Mom and Dad a well deserved lecture.




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YouTube star pretends to blow up 3-year-old son in viral prank on girlfriend

YouTube jokester Roman Atwood has struck again.

The video-sharing star known for pulling extreme pranks on his gullible girlfriend took his hijinks to another level this week when he convinced his sweetheart that he blew up their son in an ATV explosion.

Footage shows the anguished mother cover her face in horror as she watched who she thought was her 3-year-old son, Kane, veer up a ramp and come crashing down in a fiery blaze.

But the boy was a dummy and the explosion was just a big pyrotechnics show.

When the unsuspecting mother dashes over to the save her son, she realizes she was the victim of yet another prank.


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A Lamborghini Aventador caught fire while in traffic in Dubai. The car was a rental being driven by Victoria Vikki. As Vikki revved the engine, flames from the exhaust pipe lit the rear end of the car on fire.

Unaware of what was happening at first, Vikki continued revving the engine as the flames spread. She eventually realized the situation she was in, and escaped the vehicle, capturing a few photos herself.



Fryman Kikkoman captured the event in a YouTube video.

via Jalopnik


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Meisha Tate

Spending her high school years on the boys’ wrestling team gave Miesha Tate the grit she needed to fight in cages for a living. These days, “Takedown Tate” is one of the top-ten 135-pound female fighters in the world, and the combination of her nasty ground-and-pound and natural sex appeal has made her a rising star.


Miesha Theresa Tate  American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Born: August 18, 1986 (age 29), Tacoma, WA
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 135 lbs
Nationality: American
Education: Central Washington University


Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/MieshaTate
Follow her on Instagram https://instagram.com/mieshatate



Meisha Tate

Meisha Tate


Meisha Tate


Meisha Tate

Meisha Tate

Meisha Tate


Meisha Tate



Meisha Tate


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Beckham -Kevin Hart

David Beckham former Manchester United and Real Madrid man has just proved that he’s got a sense of humor to match the best of them — in fact, he’s shown that he can even go toe to toe with a professional comedian and come out on top.

With Hart trying to imitate Beckham, apparently with an aim to playing him in a film, they make for a mismatched pair – like a couple of mates in an American buddy movie, but more bemused. The sight of Becks trying to teach Hart to play football serves as a particular highlight. Hart, perhaps unsurprisingly, is quite rubbish.


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Bugs Bunny sings “Many Men” by rapper 50 Cent in the latest mashup by Mylo the Cat. In the video, Bugs faces some of his fiercest rivals who are trying to take him out, echoing the themes of the song.

Looking back on it, the vast majority of Bugs’s life is simply not being murdered.

For comparison, here is the original music video for “Many Men.”


zach Mueller

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC9yyBfz58Q?rel=0] Kuma Films has captured footage in California of Los Angeles card illusionist Zach Mueller of Fontaine Cards manipulating a deck of cards in...