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female viagra

Ben Stiller appeared on “The Tonight Show” Monday night and aired a rejected commercial for female Viagra, which he joked didn’t make it into the expensive ads aired during Sunday’s big game.

“They just bumped it. They didn’t show it at the last minute,” the actor explained.

Thankfully, host Jimmy Fallon was able to get his hands on the unpaired promo.


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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is back once again for his 5th annual YouTube challenge where he asks parents film themselves while telling their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy. Kimmel chose a few of the best and worst reactions and aired them on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The results of his 2015 YouTube challenge are mixed with kids going berserk, being very forgiving, and just flat-out giving Mom and Dad a well deserved lecture.




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Bugs Bunny sings “Many Men” by rapper 50 Cent in the latest mashup by Mylo the Cat. In the video, Bugs faces some of his fiercest rivals who are trying to take him out, echoing the themes of the song.

Looking back on it, the vast majority of Bugs’s life is simply not being murdered.

For comparison, here is the original music video for “Many Men.”

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The record-breaking heat wave recently sent a mama bear and her five cubs out of the woods and in search of a little relief, which came in the form of Tim Basso‘s backyard pool in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. The bears took a nice cool dip in the pool before taking over the rest of the backyard. While the pool surprisingly stood up to the family of bears, it definitely wasn’t usable after that, much to the chagrin of Basso’s little girls.

via CBS Local, Gothamist

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Women’s World Cup: Norway team come up with brilliant response to critics of women’s football
Possibly the best way to respond to the many prejudices against women’s football that many people face all around the world – Nicely done Norway WNT!

This has to be one of the funniest videos I have seen as interviewer Nicolay Ramm unearths a frightening honest acknowledgement from members of the Norwegian Women’s National Team including Trine Rønning, Emilie Haavi, Ingrid Hjelmseth and Cathrine Dekkerhus… Enjoy!

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The Muppets perform their version of the Ol’ Dirty Bastard classic, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” Starring Dr. Teeth as ODB, featuring Electric Mayhem. Video by Mylo the Cat, aka Adam Schleichkorn, aka the guy who did the Beastie Boys/Muppets mashup and the Gonzo/Humpty Dance.


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Snack company Lay’s built a human claw machine that functions just like the classic arcade staple, but instead of a metal claw, a child strapped into a harness is lowered into the prize bin where they can grab as many bags of snacks as possible before being pulled back up again. The claw machine even has a wacky tornado function that blows bags of chips around for a bigger challenge.

via Geekologie

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image via Boing Boing
image via Boing Boing

This video released last week by Coldplay’s official Youtube channel is…12 minutes long? 12 minutes? That’s a feature length film in the internet world! But wait, every article across the web tells us that video must not be longer than a minute, what gives?

I’ll tell you what gives, quality content is quality content, simple as that. Viewers don’t care about the video length if the video is actually good!

The mockumentary about Coldplay’s plans to create a Game of Thrones musical, is flat-out brilliance, from start to finish. Without dropping any spoilers, this video is chock full of great cameos from stars of the show, and even includes some characters who have since been killed off, which was great to see. Ok fine, 1 spoiler…Ingrid, aka Jon Snow’s Wildling girlfriend, looks DAMN GOOD!

But besides these great cameos, hats off to Coldplay for actually creating some great, catchy songs. I was entertained for all 12 minutes, and based on the 8 Million views in a week, I’m pretty sure you will be too.

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In most recent episode of Anglophenia, host  offers a quick lesson in the use of and the origins of such British “swear” words as “bloody,” “bollocks,” “pissed,” and “sod”.

Swearing ranks up there with taking tea and discussing the weather as a British pastime. If you’re uninitiated in the colorful world of British swearing, Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell offers you a master class in the latest episode of our YouTube series. Don’t worry: we won’t turn the air blue with the naughtier terms, but here’s a good start if you want to slide in a “bloody hell” or two into your daily conversation.


zach Mueller

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[youtube] Kuma Films has captured footage in California of Los Angeles card illusionist Zach Mueller of Fontaine Cards manipulating a deck of cards in...