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The wonderful lemon beagle duo of Maymo the beagle and his little sister Penny became slightly confound when they heard a voice coming out of the awaiting pizza box. Ever suspicious, Maymo held back while Penny took a tentative sniff at the pizza who wanted to party. Once the voice got louder, Maymo launched into protective mode and took a bite out of the protesting pizza.




when pizza parties go weird

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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC partnered up with DigitasLBI to create a couple of humorous adoption ads that cleverly uses the scandalous Ashley Madison hack as the basic premise. Juxtaposing the loyalty of a dog with the unreliability of a human, the first ad focuses on a woman who was cheated upon while the second ad focuses on the cheater. Both ads also featured adoptable dogs who were rescued from a kill-shelter in New York City.



You may have possibly heard of a certain website geared towards married folks looking to cheat on their spouses having over 30 million of its users identities made public, courtesy of the internet. Think it’s safe to say that some of the extra-curricular activity seekers might be feeling a bit lonesome now.
The DigitasLBi NY team wanted to create a tongue-in-cheek initiative off the incident that would hopefully have some wonderful dogs, rescued from NYC’s high-rate kill shelters, a new hooman to love and a forever home. We shared the idea with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a non-profit animal rescue founded in 2015, and agreed on one thing – “Life is Short. Have a Dog.”…At the end of the day, we’re all doing this for the dogs.



zach Mueller

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[youtube] Kuma Films has captured footage in California of Los Angeles card illusionist Zach Mueller of Fontaine Cards manipulating a deck of cards in...